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I am a mother of a sweet little baby Kayla, born in August 2016, and a proud wife of my wonderful husband, Vicky. I am now a housewife who contents in fulfilling the needs of my little family.

I was a software consultant with ThoughtWorks, an IT consultancy headquartered in Chicago, USA. I worked in teams delivering enterprise software using Agile methodologies. View their portfolio at

I also have a passion in teaching and connecting to people. I led grade-school children in arts and science projects, under Chicago Cares. I volunteered to care for a child with special needs. I love seeing their energy and enthusiasm. They rejoice in the little things and appreciate each new learning. My last precious adventure was volunteering with a social enterprise in Asia that worked with women out of exploitation. We valued each one of them and desired to see them build Godly families and a better life.


You might now ask, “Why Papaya vs Banana?” In short, papaya and banana are my two most favourite fruits.

I grew up eating papaya every day, sometimes one papaya a day. In Indonesia, papayas and bananas are the fruit staples. My house maid used to cut the papaya, and I chat with her while eating the just-cut-up papaya. When she finished cutting, I was also almost done eating it. Since I ate so much of it, my foot soles used to be yellowish, a condition called carotenemia. This was harmless. In fact, I was proud to say that I ate so much healthy fruit every day.

I still love papaya and banana until now. Bananas everywhere else are not as varied as the ones I can find back home. Bananas are called ‘pisang’ in Indonesian language. There are Pisang Ambon, Pisang Susu (Milk), Pisang Ijo (Green), Pisang Raja (King), Pisang Sobo, and more. In the US, papayas are somewhat rare and/or not as sweet as the ones I can have back in Indonesia. I like to buy them once in a while and enjoy having good digestion process out of it. Papayas have many benefits besides for helping the digestive system. Check it out on the wikipedia. If you have not, you should try it!


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