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Reflections on 2011

January 4, 2012

Another year passed. Looking back, it is easy to forget that a year has 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days. That is quite a long time. Surely, something good, not-so-good, unexpected, memorable, and insightful happened. I thought about my time in 2011 and remember a number of people in my life. Them, I want to be thankful for, for in some ways, their words, actions, and gestures have touched mine, or mine, them.


(an abbreviated list; not in any particular order)

Paul Reed for teaching me persistence and giving me the space to grow.

Aibing for friendship and sistership.

Yohanes and Andre for sharing time, experience, confusion, and excitement during the Beijing and Shanghai trips.

Johny for friendship and trust.

MJ and Dani Schufeldt for friendship and joyful spirit.

Papa and mama for being there for me, always showing up when I need someone, trusting, supporting, and guiding me with gentle persistence.

A friend who withdrew friendship from me, for better or worse.

Hexin for friendship, trusting me, thinking about me from afar, encouraging me, and reminding me to spend time with Jesus.

Adam Scott for fighting through the project together and for listening on my inputs, and for showing boldness in what you believe is the right thing.

Chiew-zhi for staying by my sister.

Ming for her hospitality, warm welcoming words, and emails that are encouraging and full of prayers.

Sun Wei for teaching me–by example–the power of patience and humbleness.

Li Bin for friendship and encouragement.

Hu Zhifang for friendship and her extra care in taking me to the hospital.

Wen Di for his energy and enthusiasm at work, in TW activities, and for his trust in me.

Charlotte for friendship.

Jonathan Wolter for encouraging me to work in China and believing in my potential.

Grant Joung for believing in my potential and giving support.

Pastor James for messages that speak to me and many people. May God continue to bless you in leading the church and to speak through your messages.

Pak Ngurah and family for his teaching philosophy and sociability; leaving an influence on me that will last many many years.

Sarah Hogan and family for showing a parent’s unconditional love and dedication; Max and Finn for being who they are.

Tina Yurik and the Clearbrook family for working incessantly for children and adults with special needs.


I did not travel as much as I did in 2010, but I still had the privilege to travel to many places, visited some organizations, and learned throughout the year.

Bali with my mom and dad. Such a lovely lovely island. Too developed and touristy for me, but still a paradise, indeed.

Beijing, where I spent over half a year in 2011. Having learnt many things here is an understatement. Living here changed my daily schedule and priorities, gave me time to think and to rest, and taught me to see issues from many perspectives. I have put some of my thoughts about living in Beijing in these two posts: Beijing: My First Impression and Living in Beijing post 180 days.

Hangzhou, clean green city, the home of my cousin Aibing these days. Went biking on a rental bike and almost lost it.

BICF is the church I go to and from where I joined a small group.

Starfish is a non-profit organization that works with exploited women in Beijing. Really wished I could have joined in their work.

Beijing Mini Away Day is probably the first away day I really enjoyed. Less drinking and more games is one thing :). Giving presentation is another. It was a topic on Appreciation. It may be a while before I get to post about it as there was no video recording during the presentation.

~ ~ ~

One of my biggest positive change in 2011 is to learn to rest, to do less volunteer work and random social activities, and instead spend more time with God in bible reading and prayers. I learned not to just do what, but know why. Important questions were answered, I had a more solid foundation for my daily life and the coming year.

One thing I wished I could have done better in 2011 is to act with boldness.
Looking forward to 2012!

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