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Would you renew your vow today?

November 27, 2011

It is a wonderful privilege for me to witness baptism. Seeing people acclaim God’s work in their lives, how they have been rescued and transformed, and commit to following God always bring me to tears. It is very real to me that God works in this world. He touches people’s lives and save them everyday.

It occurs to me that a person getting baptized has a lot in common with two people getting married.

In a two-people relationships, it started with a process of learning about each other, learning one’s likes and dislikes, learning to respect one another, and to let go of one’s own needs for the sake of the other person’s. Love grows as the two people know each other deeper, and eventually get to the moment where two people commit to a life-long journey together. The Catholic vow goes like this:  “I take you … to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.”

When one gets baptized, one has gone through a life-transforming experience and felt deeply touched by God’s love that he/she decides to follow God. Follow here is one simple word, but it really means staying close to God, getting to know Him more and more, and obeying Him. This, too, is supposed to be on a daily basis, just like a married couple.

The fact that God is not physically around us, nagging us to chat with Him and to follow His plans, make us enjoy this little space of ours, just like a man/woman when his/her partner leaves out of town :D. Every once in a while, we feel like we’ve lost the love that we felt when we got baptized, we don’t feel close to God, we feel dry. The truth is, God never leaves us, He is always by us and supporting us. Often, we have been out of tune of God’s words for days/weeks, we lose direction, we get angry, anxious, impulsive.

For me, I know that going back to God’s words on a daily basis help a ton. Even if I don’t feel God instantaneously, more of His words residing in my heart and brain means more of me remembering His principles before I act or say something. I am blessed that in the several times I returned to God, within a few days my burdens were lifted up, peace filled my heart even though the future was still as unclear as it was before. I trust God is in control. I trust that I can stay on the right path if I commit to it.

There is such thing as renewing the vow in marriage, but rarely heard of in one’s relationship to God. Why not? Why not deciding today “to get closer to God and to want to feel His love like when we were baptized, and to follow hard after God?” After all, this is the one most important relationship we are to have in this life, and after.

May God bless and reaches out to you, as He has to me.

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