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Hibernate bulk-delete does not cascade delete the associations

September 11, 2011

While trying to cascade delete an entity’s association, I learned that various Hibernate queries support cascade delete differently.

Deleting domain objects will delete the entity’s associations, but executing bulk delete of an entity does not.

Let’s start with an example setup of these two related entities:

@Entity public class Student {
   @JoinTable (
   name = "students_courses",
  joinColumns = { @JoinColumn( name = "course_id" ) },
inverseJoinColumns = { @JoinColumn( name = "student_id" ) } )
   private Set<Course> courses;
@Entity public class Course {
   @ManyToMany( mappedBy = "courses" )
   private Set<Student> students;

The first rule to enable Hibernate cascade-delete is defining the associations in both entities. In this example, Student has a set of Course(s), and Course has a set of Student(s).

Generally speaking, we can delete Student(s) in 2 ways as the following:

1.  Fetch the Student objects from the DB, then delete them.

List<Student>students = someDao.getAll(Student.class);
for (Student student : students) {;

2.  Bulk-delete Student data

String bulkDeleteQuery = "delete from students where <some criteria>";

However, #2 will throw a runtime exception as bulk delete does not delete the corresponding associations. It attempts to delete Students only. The error is of “Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails.”

There are a number of related questions online. Here is one on StackOverflow.

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