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I believe in Jesus Christ

February 16, 2011

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I believe He is the only Son of God who came to the world to teach us about God and to give us salvation from eternal death. My life, I hope, reflects my relationship with and adherence to Jesus. I want to work hard to follow Him, but I fail often trying to do that, but that does not in any way imply Jesus is less true. Your view of me should not impact your view of Jesus.

I feel it is only right for me to share my views in being a Christian in this blog for 3 reasons:

  • To acknowledge God
  • To benefit you
  • To be myself and to let you know me. A big part of my life is shaped by my knowledge of God, His laws, and His guidance. To talk about my professional work life, volunteer work life, and other views without talking about my relationship with God will only picture a-half-part of me.

I am in no way trying to push my opinions to you, nor trying to convert you. I know very well the feeling of being forced on believing something I do not, because I started that way. I know for sure God will approach you and call you to Him at the right time. Many people have not decided to believe in Jesus because they have open questions or doubts–this is fine. That may actually be better than those who claim to believe in Jesus but not really knowing who He is. The latter generally do not bother to find out and they will end up being a non-believer after all.

It is not my intention either to discredit other religions and beliefs. I will talk about God, Jesus, and my life views as I know them from the Bible. I believe the Bible as a source of truth (I will explain why next time). As for your religion or belief, it is up to you to evaluate.


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