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More songs, please!

December 1, 2010

The second day I was at the center, I asked them, “Do you like to sing? Do you want to sing a song?” Half of the class shook their heads, while others shy away and did not answer. I assumed a rejection coming and I felt a little uncomfortable as I already prepared for a song to sing with them. I always thought singing is a fun way to learn and to bring up energy in the class. Being daring like a typical teacher, I said, “Well, let’s try it again today. Maybe you will like this song.” I smiled and encouraged them a bit. I was still hesitant, but I put my confident face nevertheless.

The first song I taught them was Good Afternoon, which I found on I really like the phrases:

Good afternoon, good afternoon
The whole rest of the day’s ahead, so much to do
Put a smile on your face
Let’s make some room
For the good, good afternoon

They did not get the whole melody correct on the first day, but they sang it! I was pretty pleased that day. Much to my surprise, one of them hummed the song the next day! I thought, well, maybe they would like to repeat the song. So we did it a second time and they did much better. We sang again after several days, and wow, they all remembered the phrases. The usually quiet and shy kids sang loud with actions! I was so happy and amazed. I love you guys.

I have since introduced two more songs and they loved it. It does not come easy for them to learn new songs. They have to read the phrases slowly at first, but they learn quickly. I certainly plan to teach them 1-2 new songs every week. I am excited to see them performing at the end of my time here!

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