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Pecha Kucha on Our Big Universe

September 19, 2010

Last Thursday was another Pecha Kucha day at the ThoughtWorks University.

My slides were ready, my memory was not. I decided to put only pictures on my slides, because too many words or numbers will clutter up the beautiful images of the stars and the galaxies. That means I had to memorize more, how big the stars are, how brilliant, how powerful, mostly in comparison to our sun. Too little or too much memorizing can make one forgets, so I practiced once, took 1-2 hour break, then practice again. I was quite nervous the whole afternoon. Not to mention that I did not have my notes with me when I stepped up for the presentation. But I stepped up, no turning back.

flickr:4996183092      flickr:4995575753

I am sure some people caught my nervous tone, especially in the beginning. I also thought this talk would be all serious and potentially boring for some. But I learned that it is good to make some blunders during the presentation. For example, when I could not recall the name of a galaxy, I said “I don’t remember the friendly name, but the code is 5195.” Laughter burst :D. Ah, I like that.

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