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Training Challenges

August 31, 2010

When I signed up to do the training for ThoughtWorks, I was not fully aware of all the challenges. I knew it would require lots of time, dedication, and research. The biggest challenge that I thought of was on technical skills. I now need to be more aware of what I know and what I don’t, dig deeper into those I know a little, so that I can properly teach them to the students.

Little did I know that training requires good people skills, too, especially in ThoughtWorks University where my role is not only training, but also coaching. There are a lot of prerequisites before I can effectively coach someone.

  • My coachee and I need to feel comfortable and open to each other. I need to cater my communication style to my coachee’s personality.
  • I need to trust my coachee that he/she wants to grow and succeed, and is willing to work as hard as one can. On the other hand, my coachee needs to trust me that I am capable of helping him/her—and if I am not able to in some areas, he/she needs to trust me that I will find some external resources for him/her.
  • I need to be positive and enthusiastic, and model the values and work ethic that we want the students to have.
  • I need to be more persistent and thorough at my work. I cannot just give up when facing a difficult issue, else I will not be of help to the students.
  • I need to be more observant of the students: able to not only spot their good intentions, effort, and give them an appreciation, but also to give constructive feedback. I can usually give suggestions on areas people are weak at, or are not meeting certain standards. But I have a lot to learn in helping one goes beyond what they are already good at.

The last is one thing in which I need to train myself: to grow beyond what I am comfortable in.

I have learned much from the first two weeks of TWU, about which I plan to write further in another post. Stay tuned.

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