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India oh India

August 22, 2010

It’s been a month now that I am in India. I have to say, I hate getting sick. I was sick once with diarrhea and bad tummy ache. Praise the Lord to point me to a doctor in my apartment complex and soon I was on antibiotics. The electrolyte drink helped a lot, too. But before I recovered completely, I went out to eat, and got sick again. Yea, right. This time it hit at a bad time because it was getting closer to the first day of TWU, and I had to prepare for my sessions. My tummy bloated like never before in my life. As I sat down, I could feel it was getting bigger. I decided going to the hospital is the right thing to do. So I went and got an injection to reduce my tummy acid. This time I made sure to eat light food for a longer time and not get myself too tired.

I still can’t believe that life in Bangalore has two different extremes. On one side there are very cheap places to eat, where a plate of dosa/paratha is 30 rupees (enough to make me full) and a cup of tea/coffee (strong one!) is under 10 rupees. On the other side, a lavish Sunday brunch costs almost 1800 rupees. That is 60 times more than the dosa plate! What the heck.

Normally, I would not go, but I did not know today we were planning to go to one. The location is UB City, a crazy mall full of extravagantly expensive stuffs: Louis Vuitton, Bulvgari, Jean-Paul Cartier, and many others of that class. I asked the security guard of a bookstore, and he was like, “Book? There is none, Mam.” This is crazy. But I have arrived so I decided to stay. The food was good, the ambience was delightful, the place clean and comfortable. We sat on an outside deck for 4 hours or so (yes, 4 hours). I can’t believe I could stay and chat with people for that long. The chocolate molten cake was the best. Absolutely delicious, both the cake and the molten chocolate. I just wished the vanilla ice cream was colder and tougher.

On a more somber note, one of my coachees fell sick again. He was out sick for almost the whole week last week, from diarrhea and all. On Saturday he got better so we ventured out to eat as a group. Big mistake. His tummy complained, like mine did. He went to the hospital again yesterday, but he did not feel much relief. I am very sad and felt somewhat responsible for not stopping him to eat out last Friday. I pray that God will grant him good health soon.

There is no doubt I miss home: my sister, Happy, and home. I miss the comfy bed I have, and clean comfortable bath room. I also miss home-cooked healthy food. I am still skeptical about the healthiness of Indian food, even the veg ones. There is just too many spices and/or thick sauces in the dishes, they can’t be that healthy. I wonder how much weight I will gain by the end of TWU.

Ah, there is much more to say. I hope to blog my teaching experience and retrospective in this blog. Stay tuned!

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